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Cocoa powder is obtained by grinding and pulverizing the cocoa cake obtained from the cocoa liquor pressing process.


We produce a wide range of natural and alkalized cocoa powders, with a variety of fat content, pH, and colors.


The color variation is the result of the intrinsic color of the bean-origins combined with the alkalization process especially developed by the technicians. 


Standart: West Africa blend.
Single origin: On request. 


Fat content

10 - 12 % F.C. 
15 - 17 % F.C.
20 - 22 % F.C. 


Bags: 25 kg multiwall paper bags with polyethylene inner sheet.
Big Bags: from 1.000 kg and above; other options available if feasible. 


Natural cocoa powder 

Alkalized cocoa powder

All our cocoa powder references, upon request,
can be manufactured certified in:

All our products are certified as Halal and Kosher:


The wide variety of cocoa powder offered by Nederland allows all our customers to find the right cocoa powder to achieve a final product with the desired quality.

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