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Code of Ethics and Good Behaviour

Nederland has a Code of Ethics and Good Behaviour that aims to be a framework of values, actions and desirable behaviors from which the company sustains any of its relationships, commercial and non-commercial, with its stakeholders. In the same way, this code aims to establish principles on which any internal or external collaborator of the company should act in the development of their functions. 

Nederland, S.A.'s business model is based on the development of stable and long-term partnerships with each of its different stakeholders. Therefore, it is very important to establish relationships based on trust, transparency, honesty and mutual commitment to contractual and regulatory compliance.

A company's value system, based on pre-established principles for doing business, is the first step to achieve corporate sustainability. Nederland, S.A. has incorporated the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact into its strategies and therefore operates in a way that complies with its core responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption.

Download our Code of Ethics and Good Behaviour

Internal and external partners are obliged to comply with the principles, values and standards described in the Code of Ethics and Conduct and to report any violations, if detected. For this purpose, Nederland has its own Ethical Channel, completely anonymus. 

Nederland Ethical Channel

Partners & Associations

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