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Quality assurance

In order to guarantee the maximum quality of the products manufactured in Nederland it is necessary to carry out rigorous quality controls of raw materials, auxiliary products, intermediate products and finished products.

We have our own laboratory where we carry out daily microbiological, physical-chemical and organoleptic analyses of the raw material, the product in process and the finished product. For other analyses that require more sophisticated instrumentation, we have the support of specialized external laboratories.

All raw materials and auxiliary products entering our plant are subjected to quality controls, rejecting all those that do not comply with the requirements and limits established by our quality assurance department.

An automatic sampling system is installed in all production lines, which allows us to take homogeneous and representative samples of products in process and finished products.

Samples collected throughout the production process are analyzed in Nederland's own laboratory to verify that the product being manufactured complies with the established specifications. 

Finally, before going on sale, the finished and already packaged products are again subjected to controls that ensure that nothing is put on sale if it does not meet our quality requirements and specifications.

"Our goal is to be a benchmark company in our field of activity. To achieve this, we work with demanding quality standards that guide us towards a system of continuous improvement of products and processes. In this way, we offer our customers quality products that are safe and meet their expectations at all times"

Marc Vidal, Quality Director of Nederland


We have an R&D team dedicated to developing new formulas to obtain cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa mass with different characteristics, in order to be able to offer our customers products that adapt to their special needs according to market requirements.

Nederland's plant is built in a way that allows changes in the process and in the different parameters of the stages that form it. In this way, our technicians are open to receive new ideas or projects and implement them at industrial level for better development and continuous improvement.

Our technical department is permanently connected with the evolution of the market and the news of the sector, so that it is aware of the concerns of its customers regarding the development of new products. In addition, the team is always open to collaborate and advise our customers regarding the application of the different products.



Food safety

Nederland's goal is excellence so we work following criteria of good practices in food safety complying with all legal regulations, all specific customer requirements and betting on food safety certification according to the FSSC 22000 standard.  

We are convinced that a Food Safety Management System such as FSSC 22000 based on continuous improvement is an excellent tool that allows us to advance in an orderly, solid and transversal manner in relation to these commitments and to achieve our objectives.


Sustainable sourcing

At Nederland we are committed to sourcing cocoa beans in a socially just and environmentally friendly way. That is why we are members of Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, Sedex and Organic production.


We also have specific certifications in place to ensure that the vast majority of our customers and end consumers can obtain and eat any product created from our cocoa.

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