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Nederland's cocoa butter is pure prime pressed butter (PPP) and is obtained by hydraulic pressing of the cocoa paste and its subsequent conditioning.

In Nederland we know the importance of cocoa butter as an ingredient in chocolate so we perform a thorough control on parameters such as: the level of free fatty acids (FFA), the crystallization curve and organoleptic (flavor, aroma and color).


Standart: West Africa blend.


Natural: Butter with all the natural cocoa flavor.
Semi-deodorized: butter with a softer natural cocoa flavor.
Deodorized: butter with a neutral taste of natural cocoa.
Double deodorized: absolutely free of natural cocoa flavor.


Solid-Blocks: cardboard boxes of 25 kg with polyethylene colored inner.
Liquid-Bulk: 24,000 kg in stainless steel tankers.

All our cocoa butter references, upon request,
can be manufactured certified in:

All our products are certified as Halal and Kosher:

If you need more information or you want to make an order, please, contact us

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