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Welcome to Nederland 

Nederland is an independent family company based in Viladecans, Barcelona, dedicated to processing cocoa products for the global market. In a world dominated by expanding corporations, we are proud to maintain our status as an independent family business with almost 90 years of history in the industry.

The experience accumulated over three generations in the management and control of the entire value chain, from purchasing to production, coupled with constantly updated facilities and collaboration with external research centers, has given us a proprietary know-how that allows us to innovate, develop and manufacture excellent quality and highly competitive cocoa products.

Our optimized business structure allows us to work with maximum flexibility and quality to provide customized services, tailored to the particular needs of each customer. 

Our customers include small and medium-sized companies as well as large multinational organizations in the food industry. Our goal is to develop a relationship of trust with our customers by offering them training in the cocoa market, advice on strategic decisions, technical consultancy and a wide range of high quality products for their applications. 

Our commitment to excellence knows no boundaries and we are determined to accompany you wherever you are.

Our history


Nederland is a testament to unwavering family tradition and commitment. Our journey began in 1920 with a small artisan chocolate factory in the center of Barcelona. Fifteen years later, in 1935, the initiative arose to set up the first cocoa pressing industry in the country, a small facility in which many hours of work and effort were invested, and which served as the founding element of the company we are today. 
In 1947 we pioneered the introduction of alkalized cocoa powder in the Spanish market and, in 1954 our products began to cross borders, marking the beginning of our global presence. 

The opening to new international markets and the strong increase of chocolate consumption in Spain motivated the construction of our industrial plant in Viladecans in 1972. Since then, the facilities have been optimized and the production capacity has been increased, continuously updating the processes to offer a wide range of highly competitive products.

Today, with the production plant upgraded and with the third generation of our family at the helm of the business, Nederland's trajectory is assured as a solid and modern group that continues to move forward, with a firm belief in the future.

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International presence



Since the beginning Nederland has had a strong presence in the Spanish market but throughout our history we have evolved to become a strongly active exporter of high quality cocoa products on 5 continents. 

We regularly export to more than 75 countries worldwide, representing 49% of our sales.














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